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Condition You've Never Heard Of

Does your child have this condition? It's not a formal diagnosis yet, and it may seem strange to those who don't have it. But it's very real. Learn more about this condition you've never heard of!

Lindsey's Story

Diagnosed with autism at 28 months old, my parents were given little hope that I would ever have a bright future. Non-verbal until the age of 4, my autism presented itself to the world through hand flapping, toe-walking, tantrums, and poor eating habits....Autism does not go away. My family and I learned to not only live with it but accept it.

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Therapeutic Family Play Session for Children with Autism

Family play therapy is great fun, but it's more than that. It teaches families to help children with autism develop gross and fine motor skills, as well as social interaction skills.

This Gift That Gives More™ provides an hour-long family play therapy session for children with autism. The family is also given access to a toy-lending library so that the helpful interactions can continue at home.

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Kashmir Peacock Gift Boxed Travel Mug
Kashmir Peacock Gift Boxed Travel Mug
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